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We used your F.R.E.D. device on a fire in the wall. This was on a third floor

apartment exterior wall caused by welders replacing a staircase. Using the F.R.E.D. we had quick deployment of a water/foam source which extinguished

the fire immediately with very limited water damage. In the past we would have

taken a pre-connect to the third floor which would have delayed extinguishment,

along with probably causing more water damage. No families had to be displaced as a result. Great product!!

Kevin Wilseck 

Fire Chief 

City of Utica

The day after you stopped by our station to discuss your F.R.E.D. device, the following shift had a first due occupied apartment fire with fire on the 4th floor and reports of several people trapped including one in the apartment of origin. Squad 9 made entry with a water can with your device attached and were able to enter the apartment on fire prior to any hose lines being in place and using the “can” were able to knock down a good bulk of the fire and do a primary search and locate an unconscious burn victim and remove him. The Lieutenant on shift from Squad 9 told me this was only made possible by using your device and that it was “worth its weight in gold”.  I have made a recommendation to the Deputy Chief to purchase 2 of your devices for our Squad company and hopefully he will be contacting you soon.

Thanks and have a good day,

LT. Eric Steinhebel

WRFD Squad 9

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